Breath tests set to double this December

Breath tests set to double this December

Drivers are warned that their chance of passing a breathalyzer test could double.

In December of last year the police throughout England and Wales stopped 37,067 drivers under suspicion of drinking and driving. That’s more than twice the normal for other months, which was 16,977.

Forces are now ramping up their campaigning this year, targeting those who is tempted to drive while under the influence of alcohol after having watched the World Cup or celebrating Christmas.

The driver test was positive for 3,840. have been tested positive (or declined to provide an example) in December last year, which is which is a failure rate of greater than 10 percent.

Analyzing Home Office data by breathalyser firm AlcoSense has revealed that there are huge variations across the nation However, there were huge differences across the country.

In Durham 2 567 drivers were examined in December last year, while in Lincolnshire it was only 23.

There were also huge differences in the proportion of motorists who failed their breath tests.

In Cleveland which is the city that had the third highest amount of test failures (1,878) and the lowest failure rate was only 3.3%..

However, there was a problem in West Yorkshire, where 523 tests were carried out, a shocking 29% of them were above the limit.

“Watching an evening World Cup game, whether at home with family or down the pub, increases the likelihood of driving the next morning with alcohol still in your system,” says Hunter Abbott, managing director of AlcoSense.

“If you consume four pints or four pints medium-strong beer and four big glasses of red wine while playing football it could take up to 14 hours for alcohol to get out of your system.

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“The rule is straightforward. If you’ve had a drink do not drive, and if you’re driving, do not drink. If you’re unsure take a self-test using the breathalyzer of your own to confirm that you’re free of alcohol prior to taking the wheel. One in five drink driving convictions occur in the morning”.

According to government figures, 6,480 people die or are injured in drunk driving accidents drunk drivers accounting 15 percent of all road fatalities every year.

If you have just 10mg of alcohol for 100mL of alcohol present within your body (one eight of the limit that is legal within England as well as Wales) you’re three times more likely get involved in an fatal crash as a result of being completely clean as research suggests.

Police forces that conducted high number of tests in December include Lancashire (2,294), Essex (1,522) and Humberside (1,408).

The failure rates were particularly high in Suffolk (24 percent), Kent (21%), Greater Manchester (20 percent) along with Wiltshire (20 20 percent) All of them at least twice the average for the nation.

The city’s Metropolitan Police caught the highest number of drivers who exceeded their limit (472) However, they’ve yet to announce the number of tests conducted.