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About us

Rated Driving was born from a problem experienced by Co-Founder and COO, Kevin Tuffney. He wanted to become a driving instructor but found it impossible to find learner drivers without an existing network.

Meanwhile, at the exact same time many learner drivers would have been struggling to find a good, local driving instructor.

There are two sides of a market that are wanting want to find each other but a big, invisible fence is in the way. That’s the problem that we initially set out to solve – bringing transparency and simplicity to long-unchanged industry.

We say initially, because only once walking down the path do you uncover so many more points of friction faced by learner drivers and instructors alike. Things such as hefty franchise fees paid by instructors or the lack of smartphone tools for learners to keep track of their lesson payments and scheduling.

Since embarking on the mission of connecting excellent driving instructors with local learners, Kevin was joined by his brother and Co-Founder, Oliver Tuffney.

Together, along with our CTO, Hatim Siyawala we’re determined to bring the experience of learning into the 21st century and give everyone involved an experience unlike anything they have seen before.

There’s a mountain to climb and we’re climbing it fast!

Meet the team

Oliver Tuffney Co-Founder Rated Driving

Oliver Tuffney
Ceo and co-founder

Kevin Tuffney Co-Founder Rated Driving

Kevin Tuffney
COO and Co-Founder

Niomi Rated Driving

Niomi Twigg
Customer Service Manager