Dispute Resolution Policy

In the first instance, we encourage you to address any concerns directly with your driving instructor or learner. We believe that open communication can help prevent surprises and resolve issues effectively.

If you have discussed the matter with your driving instructor and were unable to find a resolution, you can submit a Dispute Resolution Query via email to support@rateddriving.com.

When submitting a dispute, please provide as much detail and evidence as possible to help our Rated Driving team understand the situation.

To ensure timely consideration, all Dispute Resolution Queries must be submitted within 48 hours of the relevant event.

Please note that Rated Driving may not intervene in all disputes. Our customer success team will exercise discretion in determining whether it is appropriate for us to intervene or if it is best for the issue to be resolved directly between the instructor and the learner.

Below are examples of cases where Rated Driving commonly gets involved:

  • Fraud
  • Illegal activity
  • Harassment
  • App malfunction
  • Misrepresentation of identity on the app

The following scenarios are instances where Rated Driving acknowledges a dispute but typically does not act as an intermediary unless extenuating circumstances arise. They should be resolved directly between the learner and the instructor:

  • Complaints about minor cosmetic issues with the car
  • Parking tickets incurred during lessons
  • Disagreements regarding the number of driving lesson hours used versus remaining
  • Readiness for taking a driving test
  • Disputes related to lesson structures and content

As a general guideline, Rated Driving’s level of involvement increases with the severity of the dispute.

If the learner and the instructor are unable to establish a productive relationship, Rated Driving can arrange an alternative instructor at no additional cost. In such cases, the learner should notify the current instructor and request a refund for any outstanding lessons before being assigned a new instructor through the Rated Driving app.

If you are experiencing difficulties in reaching your instructor or learner through in-app calls or messages, please inform the Rated Driving team, and we may provide you with their contact details.

Disputes Involving Money:

We strongly recommend that the instructor and learner strive to find a mutually agreeable outcome for any financial disputes.

If an agreement cannot be reached, both parties will be required to submit a report with supporting evidence. This report will be shared with the other party, giving them an opportunity to present their side of the story and provide counter-evidence.

In certain circumstances, a Rated Driving team member may suggest a mediation video call involving all parties, aiming to facilitate a resolution.

If the mediated call fails to resolve the dispute, Rated Driving will make a final decision on the outcome. Failure to comply with Rated Driving’s decision may result in the removal of your account on the platform and the withholding of funds.

If new evidence arises, you have the option to appeal the decision made by Rated Driving.

Please note that decisions made by Rated Driving do not restrict your right to seek independent means of resolution, such as seeking legal advice or utilising a small claims court.

While Rated Driving will mediate and take the appropriate action to ensure all parties have an excellent experience using the Rated Driving platform, in line with our terms of service, Rated Driving accepts no liability in the relationship and activities between the learner driver and driving instructor.