What is a speed awareness course?

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In the UK, a speed awareness course is a type of educational course that can be offered as an alternative to a fine and points on a driver’s license for certain types of speeding offenses.

The goal of the course is to educate drivers about the risks and consequences of speeding and to encourage safe driving behaviours.

Speed awareness courses are typically offered by the police or by private organisations that have been approved by the police. They are usually only available to drivers who have been caught speeding at a certain level above the posted speed limit (usually 10% plus 2 mph), and who have not taken a similar course within a certain period of time (usually 3 years).

The course typically lasts for about 4 hours and may include a mix of classroom-based instruction and interactive activities. Participants are usually required to pay a fee to attend the course.

Completing a speed awareness course does not result in points being added to a driver’s license, but it may be considered a more favourable option than receiving a fine and points, as it can help drivers avoid increases in their car insurance premiums.

Why would I need to take a speed awareness course?

There are several reasons why a driver might be required to complete a speed awareness course:

  • To educate drivers about the risks and consequences of speeding, including the potential for accidents and injuries.

  • To encourage safe driving behaviors and reduce the likelihood of future speeding offenses.

  • To avoid receiving a fine and points on the driver’s license, which can lead to increased car insurance premiums.

  • To avoid having too many points on their license, which could result in the suspension or revocation of their driving privileges.

  • To avoid the inconvenience and expense of going to court for a speeding offense.

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Overall, completing a speed awareness course can be a good opportunity for drivers to learn more about road safety and improve their driving habits.