Driving lesson in automatic car

driving lesson automatic car

Driving lessons in an automatic transmission vehicle are designed to teach a learner driver how to safely operate and navigate a car with an automatic transmission.

During these lessons, the learner will typically be accompanied by a certified driving instructor who will provide guidance and instruction on a variety of driving-related topics, including:

  1. Starting and stopping the vehicle
  2. Braking and decelerating
  3. Steering and navigating through turns
  4. Maintaining a safe following distance
  5. Checking mirrors and using signals
  6. Parking and reversing
  7. Adhering to traffic laws and rules of the road

The instructor will also provide feedback and guidance to help the learner develop their driving skills and become a safe and confident driver.

It is important for the learner to pay attention to the instructions of the instructor and to ask questions if they are unsure about anything.

With practice and guidance, the learner will gradually become more comfortable and confident behind the wheel of an automatic transmission vehicle.

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