Part 2: making sure pupils are ready for test, and that no test goes to waste

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This is part 2 of this blog series, part one discusses how DVSA is making more tests available and increasing the number of examiners.

Text message reminders

Between April 2021 to and 15 May 2022 over 76,031 tests have not gone ahead as planned as the candidate did not turn up.

We are keen to reduce the number of avoidable cancellations to an absolute minimum so fewer tests go to waste.

We will shortly start sending your pupils text messages to remind them about their upcoming test and what to do if they want to cancel or change their appointment.

We will update you and your pupils ahead of this service going live.

Improving learner drivers’ readiness to take their test

We plan to launch our campaign this summer to improve your pupils’ understanding of what it means to be test ready and how they can assess their readiness. If they are not ready, we will be encouraging them to delay their test.

If we can get those who are not ready to delay their test the driving test pass rate should improve and waiting times reduce, as fewer people will need a retest.

We will explain more about this campaign in the coming months. Ahead of the campaign launch we are publishing some guidance and information for you and your pupils.

This includes:

  • the ‘You’ve got this!’ pack including the theory test edition of First Car magazine will soon be available for your pupils to pick at theory test centres
  • publishing our mock tests research findings and guidance to help you make mock tests more realistic
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You’ve got this! pack

The ‘You’ve got this!’ pack is full of information and guidance to help your pupils prepare for their driving test. It encourages your pupils only to take their driving test when they are ready. And the pack includes additional advice on how to control test day nerves, taking a mock test and more.

We will share more information about these and let you know when they will be available in your local theory test centre in the coming weeks.

Mock tests

In 2019, over 7000 of you gave us feedback on mock tests and how we can support you to make them more realistic and consistent with a driving test.

We’ve reviewed all your feedback and used your valuable insights to help us to develop our mock test guidance. We plan to share the findings of the result and our mock test guidance with you in the coming weeks. So, make sure you watch out for the next recovery blog post.

Thank you!

Your perspective and relationships with your pupils before they come to test are unique and your feedback and insights are extremely valuable to us. Thank you to all of you who have contributed when we’ve asked you to respond to consultations, surveys and talked to us at events. We know how busy you are and appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback with us.

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