What is Pass Plus and is it worth it?

Pass plus - advanced driving course

Introduction to Pass Plus

Definition of Pass Plus

Pass Plus is an additional driving course designed specifically for new drivers, developed by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).


The main aim of Pass Plus is to enhance the driving skills that new drivers have learned during their initial driving lessons and test, and to prepare them for more challenging driving situations beyond the basic driving test.

Origins and Purpose of the Scheme

The Pass Plus scheme was introduced in the UK in 1995 with the purpose of reducing road accidents involving newly licensed drivers, who statistically are more likely to be involved in accidents.

The scheme provides structured training to develop skills in areas not covered extensively in the initial driver education, such as motorway driving and night driving.

Overview of the Pass Plus Structure

The Pass Plus program consists of six modules, each focusing on different aspects of driving in varied conditions and environments.

This structure is designed to address specific areas where new drivers may lack confidence or experience.

The course does not involve a formal test, but instead, participants must demonstrate ‘achieved‘ or ‘exceeded‘ competence in each module to the satisfaction of an approved driving instructor.

Detailed Overview of Pass Plus Modules

Town Driving

The town driving module focuses on the skills needed to navigate busy urban roads safely. It covers various aspects such as:

  • Complex junctions
  • Public transport lanes
  • Restricted zones.

Town Driving

This module aims to improve the driver’s ability to anticipate the actions of other road users and deal with pedestrians and cyclists in urban settings.

All-weather Driving

All-weather driving involves techniques for handling different weather conditions, including:

This module teaches drivers how to:

  • Adjust their speed
  • Maintain safe stopping distances
  • Use their lights correctly to improve visibility and safety during adverse weather conditions

Driving on Rural Roads

The rural roads module focuses on the unique challenges of country driving, such as:

  • Narrow lanes
  • Sharp bends
  • Hidden junctions

It also covers how to be aware of and react to wildlife and livestock that might unexpectedly enter the road.

Driving on Rural Roads

This training helps drivers develop a cautious and respectful approach to driving in rural areas.

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Night Driving

Night driving training is crucial as it deals with reduced visibility and the increased risk that darkness brings.

The module covers the correct use of:

  • Headlights
  • Adjusting to the reduced visibility
  • Understanding how the driver’s depth perception changes at night

Dual Carriageways

The dual carriageways module prepares drivers for these:

  • High-speed roads
  • Focusing on lane discipline
  • Overtaking safely
  • The appropriate use of speed

Understanding the rules and techniques for these roads is vital for new drivers, who may not have had much experience with high-speed driving during their initial lessons.

Motorway Driving

Finally, the motorway driving module addresses skills necessary for driving on motorways, which are not covered prior to obtaining a full driving licence in the UK.

This includes:

  • Understanding motorway-specific signs
  • Lane discipline
  • Dealing with different traffic speeds

It also covers joining and leaving motorways, as well as safe practices when vehicle breakdowns occur on motorways.

Benefits of Taking Pass Plus

Enhanced Driving Skills and Confidence

Taking the Pass Plus course significantly enhances driving skills and boosts confidence on the road.

By covering a broader range of driving environments and conditions than those typically encountered during standard lessons, new drivers gain practical experience that prepares them for real-world driving.

Pass plus - advanced driving course

This enhanced skill set not only makes driving a more enjoyable experience but also contributes to a higher level of self-assurance in handling complex driving situations.

Potential for Insurance Discounts

One of the notable benefits of completing the Pass Plus scheme is the potential for insurance discounts.

Many insurance companies recognise the additional skills and reduced risk associated with Pass Plus graduates and offer lower premiums as an incentive.

Potential for Insurance Discounts

These discounts can make a significant difference, especially for young drivers who typically face higher insurance costs.

Increased Road Safety Awareness

Pass Plus also plays a crucial role in increasing road safety awareness. The course emphasizes the importance of safe driving practices and helps drivers develop a more cautious and proactive approach to handling potential hazards on the road.

This increased awareness is vital for reducing the likelihood of accidents and for promoting a lifelong attitude of responsible driving.

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Pass Plus

Does Pass Plus Reduce Accident Rates?

Investigating whether Pass Plus reduces accident rates is key to understanding its overall effectiveness.

Studies and statistical analyses have been conducted to compare the accident rates of Pass Plus participants with those of new drivers who have not taken the course.

While results vary, there is evidence to suggest that Pass Plus can contribute to safer driving behaviours that potentially lead to fewer on-road mishaps.

Feedback from Pass Plus Participants

Feedback from Pass Plus participants provides valuable insights into the program’s effectiveness from the learner’s perspective.

Many participants report feeling more prepared and competent, particularly when driving in challenging conditions such as on motorways or in adverse weather.

This feedback helps in continually updating and improving the course to meet the needs of new drivers more effectively.

Comparisons with Standard Driving Lessons

Comparisons with standard driving lessons highlight the additional benefits that Pass Plus offers.

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While standard lessons provide the foundational skills required to pass the driving test, Pass Plus extends this learning to cover situations and conditions not typically included in the initial driver training.

This comparison underscores the value of Pass Plus in fostering a more comprehensive driving competency.

Through these evaluations, it becomes evident that Pass Plus offers substantial benefits, enhancing both the practical skills and safety consciousness of new drivers.

The programme’s focus on a wide array of driving conditions makes it a worthy consideration for those looking to expand their driving proficiency and safety knowledge post-licensure.

Cost and Accessibility of Pass Plus

How Much Does Pass Plus Cost?

The cost of the Pass Plus programme can vary depending on the region and the driving school or instructor providing the course.

How Much Does Pass Plus Cost

Typically, the price ranges from £150 to £200. This fee covers all six modules of the programme, which is usually completed within a few weeks. It’s important for learners to budget for this cost when planning their post-test driving education.

Finding a Qualified Pass Plus Instructor

To ensure you receive the full benefits of the Pass Plus scheme, it’s crucial to find a qualified Pass Plus instructor.

These instructors are specifically trained and registered to teach the Pass Plus curriculum.

Learners can search for qualified instructors through the DVSA’s official website or inquire at local driving schools that offer the Pass Plus course.

Financial Assistance and Funding Options

While there is generally no direct government funding for Pass Plus, some local councils offer financial assistance or funding options to young drivers as part of road safety initiatives.

These offers, when available, can reduce the cost of the course significantly. Additionally, the potential insurance discounts that can be gained from completing Pass Plus can indirectly offset the initial cost of the course over time.

Is Pass Plus Worth It for You?

Assessing Your Driving Needs and Goals

Determining whether Pass Plus is worth it starts with assessing your driving needs and goals.

Pass Plus can help you get to grips with parts of driving you may not have covered in much detail in your lessons.

Alternatively, you could ask your driving instructor to take you for a couple of extra lessons in areas you’re not confident about, such as motorway driving, after you’ve passed your test.

Is Pass Plus Worth It for You

If you anticipate frequently driving on motorways, at night, or in challenging weather conditions, the additional skills covered by Pass Plus can be particularly beneficial.

It’s also worthwhile for those who feel they need extra confidence and experience to feel comfortable on the road.

Considering Your Current Skill Level

Your decision may also depend on your current skill level. Drivers who passed their initial driving test with minimal experience or those who still feel uncertain in specific driving situations might find Pass Plus especially useful.

The course is designed to broaden your experience and increase your comfort in more challenging driving environments.

Making an Informed Decision Based on Personal Circumstances

Ultimately, the decision to take Pass Plus should be based on personal circumstances.

Factors to consider include your geographical location (e.g., rural vs urban driving needs), financial situation, and personal comfort and safety concerns.

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By evaluating these aspects, you can make an informed decision about whether the benefits of Pass Plus align with your specific driving needs and goals.

Considering these various aspects will help you determine if investing in Pass Plus is the right choice to enhance your driving skills and ensure your long-term safety on the roads.

Frequently asked questions

Pass Plus is an advanced driving course designed to help new drivers gain confidence and additional driving skills beyond what is covered in the standard driving test, including motorway and night driving.

Any driver who holds a full UK driving licence can take Pass Plus, but it is especially beneficial for new drivers within the first year after passing their driving test.

The Pass Plus course consists of six modules and typically takes at least 6 hours to complete, although it can extend longer depending on the learner’s needs.

The six modules are:

  • Town driving
  • All-weather driving
  • Rural roads
  • Night driving
  • Dual carriageways
  • Motorway driving

The cost of Pass Plus can vary, usually ranging from £150 to £200, depending on the instructor and location.

Yes, many insurance companies offer discounts on car insurance premiums to drivers who have completed the Pass Plus course, as it indicates a higher level of driving competence.

No, there is no test at the end of Pass Plus; instead, drivers are assessed throughout the course and must demonstrate that they can achieve or exceed the standard required in each module.

You can find a qualified Pass Plus instructor through the DVSA website or by contacting local driving schools that offer the course.

There is no pass or fail in Pass Plus; however, participants must meet the required standard in all six modules to successfully complete the course and receive their certificate.

Whether Pass Plus is worth it depends on your individual circumstances. It is particularly valuable if you lack confidence in specific driving situations, such as on motorways or during night driving.

The skills gained and potential insurance discounts can make it a worthwhile investment for many drivers.