Franchise vs Rated Driving: How to earn more without risk

Franchise instructor vs independent calculator

Calculate exactly how much more you could earn per month with Rated Driving

Why do instructors stay with franchises after they’ve finished their training, when it can cost hundreds of pounds per week?

We wanted to know, so we ran a survey of the +500 instructors we partner with.

The #1 reason was fear of not having enough business once independent.

This means that thousands of instructors across the UK are paying hundreds of pounds per week out of fear. Not because they think they’re getting a great deal from the franchise.

At Rated Driving, we’re on a mission to show instructors that there’s another way. You can go independent and just rely solely on your referrals and Rated Driving, adding thousands of pounds a year back into your bank account.

To summarise the cost and flexibility differences between franchises and Rated Driving, see below:

Rated Driving vs Franchise

The way we operate is offering you the option to take on learners at a competitive local rate via our app. Accept learners in one tap and everything you earn is yours – no onboarding fees, admin fees, weekly fees or any other kind of fees!

Plus there are no complicated contracts tying you in with minimum expectations. Accept as many learners as you would like and leave at any point if you’re not happy.

How much more could you earn? For most franchisee instructors it’s in the region of £300-400 per month.

Use the Earnings Comparison Calculator to find out for you:

What would partnering with Rated Driving mean for me?

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All the money you earn is yours.
You have the flexibility for us to completely fill your calendar or switch us off for a few months.
No cost associated with joining, so completely risk-free.

Do I have to leave my franchise to work with Rated Driving?

Nope. Most of the franchisee instructors we work with, try us out for a while before making the jump to being independent.

How can I get started?

It takes 2 minutes to get set up on our app (search Rated Driving in your app store), it costs nothing, and you could be accepting learners within 24 hours (just as soon as we’ve confirmed your details with the DVSA).